For our current issue, we have looked back over the past year.

In our minds we followed an imaginary treasure map that reminded us of special places, new acquaintances, interesting opportunities and exciting moments of success. The treasures of everyday life, so to speak, that make life so immensely valuable and are as individual as people themselves. They tell the story of our lives. 

During the first brainstorming session about the "treasures of everyday life", pirates unanimously came to mind and the question of whether they were cutthroats or gentleman sea heroes of days gone by. That's why we got to the bottom of this exciting myth. But when we talk about treasures, sparkling gems, exclusive valuables and masterpieces from the watch box are of course not far away. One of the most famous names in this guild is undoubtedly Louis-François Cartier. Our portrait celebrates the 175 years of creative pioneering spirit of the traditional house. But our treasure chest reveals many more gems: magnificent pieces of jewellery for a touch of maritime freedom in the cold season, elegant designer yachts that recently slipped out of the shipyards and promise their owners boundless freedom on the Seven Seas, or even dreamlike island paradises for a spontaneous escape from everyday life. In addition, our experts reveal which treasure should be collected and how it can retain or even increase its value. The bottom line is that each of us has our own treasure chest and a lifetime to fill it. Maybe it's a fine dinner with good friends, an unforgettable sunset on a dream beach, the original painting by your favourite artist in your own home or the ticking masterpiece on your wrist.

Do as we do, take a few moments and admire the treasures in your personal chest. You'll see it's a bottomless pit and there's endless room for treasures. Perhaps one or the other is already on your wish list for the new year, if not, we would be delighted if you rummage through our current AURUM 999.9 issue to find your personal gem.