Enjoy life to the full!

The French elevated this to an art form a long time ago and even found the right wording for it with their "Le savoir-vivre" in the 17th century. The Italian equivalent, "La dolce vita", only emerged in the 1950s and celebrated its worldwide breakthrough in 1960 with Federico Fellini's film of the same name. We can't and don't want to commit ourselves, which is why we have tried to capture both the French and Italian attitude to life in our new AURUM 999.9 summer edition.

To kick things off with a big name, we took the 90th birthday of Giorgio Armani as an opportunity for a retrospective of his work. We were able to have a frank and inspiring conversation with this Italian fashion icon, whose looks have shaped generations and who still sets the pace at the top of the empire today. And there's another 90th anniversary to celebrate: exactly 90 years ago, Piero Boffi started creating furniture in a small workshop in the evenings after his day job at an aircraft manufacturer, laying the foundations for his own company. Today, the brand is famous worldwide for its exquisite designs, which have a very special signature.
In Maranello, the home of Ferrari, there is also a lot to see in terms of detailed manufacturing work. We stopped by and got a first-hand account of the latest developments at the sports car manufacturer.

Our journey now takes us from Italy to the French coast, where magnificent vacation homes and small, dreamy villages in the hinterland are strung together like beautiful pearls on a necklace. Lush vegetation, luxurious hotels, glamorous restaurants and unique views have been luring the international jet set to the Côte d'Azur for many decades for their own personal pleasure tour. Sophisticated Monte Carlo is considered the "jewel of the Riviera". Monaco-based writer and journalist Ségolène Cazenave Manara has dedicated a wonderful illustrated book to this enclave, taking us into a world of expensive sports cars, superyachts, glamor, but also culture and history.

Just a stone's throw away is the dreamy little town of Grasse, world-famous as the "perfume capital" and an Eldorado for fragrance lovers. To ensure that you not only have the right fragrance to hand for all summer parties, but also the right accessory, our editorial team dived into the depths of the ocean for you. We have discovered wild creations, graceful creatures and playful gems that all have one thing in common: They honor the wonder of the sea.
Last but not least, a quick detour to the 300-year-old Rémy Martin distillery, which is currently celebrating its anniversary in style and providing unforgettable moments of pleasure, is of course a must.

However, our current AURUM 999.9 MagBook cover, designed by the wonderful Viennese artist Alice Ella, has probably already told you where the journey will take us and what we are dreaming of.

We wish you wonderful summer days and a wonderful time out, wherever it takes you.