We are in bloom!

The rain purifies the air, replenishes the aquifers and is in spring the elixir of life for the rebirth of nature, with its lush green and countless magnificent flowers. Wherever you look at the moment, it is growing and flourishing, making it the number one topic of conversation.

One very special flower is the "Moonlight Flower". It only blooms once a year, in the night! Just in time for Clarins' 70th anniversary, this precious ingredient is ennobling the brand's new premium skincare range. We took this as an opportunity to conduct an inspiring interview with Virginie Courtin, the founder's granddaughter and the new woman at the helm of the cosmetics empire. We also bring the blossoming talent of the Viennese art scene Nana Mandl in front of the curtain, and our fashion expert Brigitte R. Winkler dedicates her detailed portrait to Miu Miu, the little sister of Prada, which is currently blossoming into the most sought-after fashion brand in the world. Creative jewelry and watch designers are also often inspired by the floral beauty and create sparkling jewels that capture the transience of nature and become eternal companions.

Conchita Wurst, on the other hand, blossomed on one of the world's biggest stages in 2014 in front of almost 180 million viewers when she won the Eurovision Song Contest with "Rise Like a Phoenix" - the starting signal for an international career. Ten years later, we spoke to the exceptional talent Thomas Neuwirth, the man behind the stage character, about his experiences, attitude and current projects. And since we want to experience the colorful awakening of flora and fauna in spring for a long time to come, it's worth taking the occasional trip on foot - or in one of the emission-reduced masterpieces from the automobile manufacturers. We present the great new products and show why luxury can sometimes go with the flow.

Let's look positively into the future together and give every idea and talent, no matter how small, the opportunity to unfold so that we can enjoy the blossoms - they make the world more beautiful, more creative and more worth living in. As William Shakespeare once said: "To reap, you must first sow the seed."

We hope you enjoy reading the brand new AURUM 999.9 spring issue and that it will also inspire you to blossom.