Welcome to autumn!

One of the most beautiful seasons in our latitudes. How long it will remain so, the future will show. Because as we have seen in recent months, our climate is in a state of upheaval. Not the only challenge of our time. If we believe William Brian Arthur, one of the most renowned scientists at the Santa Fe Institute in the U.S., or other leading global experts, mankind is facing the greatest social change since the invention of printing with the topic of "artificial intelligence". We are therefore at the beginning of the so-called AI age. Whether it's during a business lunch, small talk before the start of a fashion show or at a real estate event - AI is on everyone's lips and thus naturally anchored in our world of thought.

That's why we decided to give this hot topic space in our current issue, starting with the cover of our fall issue. Created in a creative cooperation by the AI program Midjourney and our Head of Design Florian Reichel, who steered the text-to-image software in the right direction with the thematic focuses of our major stories through so-called prompt engineering. Thus, information about Cleopatra, the most famous queen of Egypt, the Amauris butterfly from the genus Nymphalis butterflies, magnificent skeleton clocks, old and new from the Eternal City of Rome as well as our AURUM 999.9 MagBook DNA served as design help for the artificial intelligence - the extravagant result combines past and future.

Our esteemed columnists Tatjana Lackner and Wolfgang Hutter have also dealt with it intensively and analyze opportunities, effects and possible risks. As you can see, no matter how we personally feel about the development, we will not stop it. Whether mankind will find the right measure to deal with the new technological options and not thoughtlessly give in to convenience, however, we will probably only see in a few years. Nevertheless, we find the discourse exciting, and above all necessary, and would be pleased if we could also inspire you to think about it. But one thing is certain for us, we will certainly not replace our dedicated editorial team with AI programs such as ChatGPT and thus present you with emotionless uniform mush. That's why we've once again set out to discover fascinating stories and put them in the spotlight.

For example, we dare to take a look at Spain, where a group of craftsmen founded a leather processing collective in Madrid in 1846. Today, Loewe is at the top of the hottest luxury brands, according to the latest survey by London-based shopping platform "Lyst." We also took a trip to Italy to see the Mille Miglia, arguably the most beautiful car race in the world. Here, it's not speed or winning that come first, but fine classic cars, craftsmanship, reliable partnerships and, of course, a portion of luck. Those who have the weather gods on their side for the big yacht excursions can also consider themselves lucky and thus head for unforgettable moments on the high seas, far away from everyday life. If you'd rather have solid ground under your feet for some downtime - we've curated stunning, storied hideaways that combine the glamour of yesteryear with the luxury of modernity.