"An innovative fusion of two genres into a new, coherent whole: a luxurious and sustainable Coffee Table MagBook."

Reinhard Neussner

Aurum 999,9 MagBook combines the best of two worlds!
The merging of the Genre Magazine and the Genre Coffee Table Book creates a contemporary and modern MagBook for collecting, staging and regular reference!

Aurum 999,9 has been published 4 times a year since 2015 and is sent to the personalities of its member community in a high-quality covering box. Since September 2021, it has been published under a new publisher, with a new logo and new diversity of content.

On more than 220 artistically refined pages, the Aurum 999,9 community finds the best, most beautiful, exclusive and exciting from the areas of art, photography, architecture, design, living, fashion, beauty, real estate, culinary and travel!

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are books and illustrated books that are large in format and feature extravagant photography, but relatively little text. Common contents are art, fashion, design, landscapes or interior design. The classic placement of such a coffee table book is on a side table. It is intended to serve as a decorative home accessory, which, due to its often-noble presentation, acts as an eye-catcher and invites regular browsing.


A Magazine is a print medium that is published at regular intervals. The content is usually devoted to special thematic or specialist topics and is therefore published for a defined target group. In stitched or bound form with a clear distinction from the newspaper - for example, using high-quality photos and colour printing.